Table of Contents

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Foreword: Written by NBA referee Ken Mauer

Introduction: An educational epidemic haunts America

Section I: Bickering, blocking fouls and the blame game
Chapter 1: Can’t we all just get along? (Read this chapter - Adobe Acrobat PDF Document)
Chapter 2: How to run the Parents Row gauntlet (and make it out alive)
Chapter 3: Prisoners on the court
Chapter 4: Gag Order: Ten senseless sayings from Parents Row

Section II: Sportsmanship: The lost fundamental BasketCases need to embrace
Chapter 5: The experience: More important than the final score (Read this chapter - Adobe Acrobat PDF Document)
Chapter 6: An embarrassing assault on our collective intelligence
Chapter 7: BasketCases: If your kids taped you at a game, would you be embarrassed?
Chapter 8: Don’t be ‘That Dad’
Chapter 9: Now that’s a parent/coach you want to emulate, by George

Section III: Blowing the whistle on the broken youth basketball system
Chapter 10: Basketball -- The most difficult youth sport to officiate
Chapter 11: Are you qualified to dress like a zebra?
Chapter 12: What is your name? Would you like to two-step with me?
Chapter 13: Pay-per-view: Officiating for the wrong reason
Chapter 14: Passion – Youth basketball officials’ saving grace

Section IV: Six rules every BasketCase needs to understand and memorize
Chapter 15: Traveling
Chapter 16: Illegal dribble
Chapter 17: “Over the back” (Read this chapter - Adobe Acrobat PDF Document)
Chapter 18: Block/charge
Chapter 19: “Over and back”
Chapter 20: Three seconds in the lane

Section V: Game Management: How to earn your MBO (Masters in Basketball Officiating)
Chapter 21: Two officials, one official book
Chapter 22: An essential fundamental: Age-appropriate officiating
Chapter 23: Game on: The devil is in the details
Chapter 24: Like 10th grade geometry, officiating youth basketball is all about angles
Chapter 25: BasketCases’ own protest song – You have to call SOMETHING!!!
Chapter 26: Looks like it’s already ‘T’ time

Section VI: Double Bonus: Secret tips for coaches (and parents)
Chapter 27: Create the Ultimate Game Plan – control your parents
Chapter 28: Two ends of the spectrum: Equal playing time vs. winning at all costs
Chapter 29: Full-court pressing in elementary school is like smoking cigarettes and should be banned forever?
(Read this chapter - Adobe Acrobat PDF Document)
Chapter 30: Ten things you can do to become a better coach
Chapter 31: A dozen top-secret tips to gain the respect of the officials
Chapter 32: Don’t be ‘That Coach’

Section VII: Conclusion

Section VIII: Thirty-second timeouts: A cheat sheet for youth basketball parents (glossary)



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