Order BasketCasesEach year, American youth basketball parents invest millions of dollars – and hours – so their sons and daughters can play organized youth basketball. These parents spend weekend after weekend, year after year participating in the youth basketball experience. Unfortunately, because of the misperceptions and misguided expectations of a significant number of parents, the experience is often negative.

Despite the countless hours parents and coaches spend teaching their kids how to play the game of basketball, no one has ever taught youth basketball parents how to enjoy youth basketball – until now.

BasketCases: How Youth Basketball Parents Can Lower Their Blood Pressure and Keep Their Sanity (foreword by NBA Referee Ken Mauer) is a first-of-its-kind book specifically written for youth basketball parents and coaches from the important perspective of a basketball official Derek Wolden. BasketCases chronicles all aspects of the broken youth basketball system from age-appropriate officiating to sportsmanship to which calls officials make and which ones they ignore and why. The 32-chapter book includes “Six Rules Every BasketCase Must Understand and Memorize.”

BasketCases is now back from the printer and available to order from Bookhouse Fulfillment or directly from the author (e-mail) for group sales. The book is also available at select Twin Cities Borders Books and Barnes and Noble locations.

What others say about BasketCases

Derek Wolden's perspective as a basketball official provides valuable insight to make the youth basketball experience enjoyable for everyone.

- Gregg Popovich, 4-time NBA Champion (coach), 2003 NBA Coach of the Year

BasketCases is clever, insightful and engaging. If parents, coaches and officials follow Derek’s suggestions, the real winners will be kids who play this great game.

- Steve Javie, NBA Referee

BasketCases is a must-read for everyone associated with youth basketball. My job would be easier if every NBA fan read it as well.

- Ken Mauer, NBA Referee

A must-read for youth basketball parents. It will change the way you watch the game, and in some cases, that's a good thing.

- Randy Shaver, KARE Television Sports Anchor, Youth Basketball Coach/Parent


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Available Now

BasketCases is published by Beaver’s Pond Press, the same company that published the very successful book History of the Minnesota North Stars with Lou Nanne by Bob Showers. The cost of an individual copy of BasketCases will be $20, but youth basketball associations can purchase copies for all their parents at discounted group rates.

Ken Mauer and Derek Wolden

About the Author

Derek Wolden has officiated thousands of basketball games from Division II college athletes to fourth graders and every age and level of basketball players in between.

A 10-year officiating veteran and a trainer/mentor to newer officials, he has seen – and heard – all the problems with youth basketball firsthand and is determined to do his part as a “whistleblower” to make the experience better for all participants – parents, coaches, players and officials.

A former journalist, he combines his expertise on the court and at the keyboard to fill a glaring knowledge void by educating parents, coaches and officials about the intricacies of youth basketball.

Ten reasons every youth basketball parent/coach needs a copy of BasketCases

Every youth basketball parent and coach needs to read a copy of BasketCases, not just the belligerent ones that ruin youth basketball and truly become the “BasketCases” the book is named after. Here are 10 reasons why BasketCases should be at the top of every youth basketball parent’s reading list:

#10: The game has changed since you played – Basketball rules change every year. Perhaps a few rules have changed since you laced up your sneakers 25 years ago. This book brings you up-to-date with the “Six Rules Every BasketCase Needs to Understand and Memorize.”

#9: Unquestioned relevance – As long as parents reproduce and kids play basketball, this book will remain unquestionably relevant for EVERY youth basketball parent in the country. If you don’t nod and smile when you read several passages of this book, you may need an intervention.

#8: Knowledge is power – You know that loud, annoying dad (the one you never want to sit by during a game) who thinks he knows everything about basketball, but really doesn’t. Wouldn’t you love to have the correct and documented information to prove he’s wrong for once? BasketCases has all the answers you need.

#7: Different perspective – If you watched a youth basketball game from the perspective of a referee who doesn’t care which team wins, you will understand why we call the game the way we do. BasketCases gives you this important perspective.

#6: Good sportsmanship never goes out of style – Sportsmanship is truly the lost fundamental that BasketCases need to embrace. This book helps you realize what you should and shouldn’t say to your kids during the game or at the dinner table.

#5: Minimal investment – For as much money and time as you invest in youth basketball, 20 bucks (or even less if your association purchases copies at a group discount) is a tiny price to pay to make the youth basketball experience better.

#4: Education for everyone – Whether you are new to basketball or have been following hoops your entire life, this book provides plenty of material that even the great basketball minds may not know. BasketCases was written to solve the educational epidemic that has engulfed our gymnasiums across the country because youth basketball parents and coaches had insufficient training – until now.

#3: High praise from the highest level – When Gregg Popovich, arguably the best coach in the NBA, agrees to put his name on the back cover to endorse BasketCases and NBA referee Ken Mauer, who has worked the NBA Finals the last three years, agrees to write the foreword, you know this is an important project for everyone associated in basketball. This book will educate you, challenge you, hopefully make you laugh and give you the tools to make youth basketball the best experience possible.

#2: Your kids are doomed to repeat your behavior – Fast forward a generation. Your kids are sitting on Parents Row watching your grandchildren play. Whether you were a positive influence or a negative one, your kids most likely will repeat the same behavior you modeled for them. As Graham Nash wrote and sang, “Teach your children well…”

#1: Lower Your Blood Pressure and Keep Your Sanity – If you are going to spend most weekends in a gymnasium watching youth basketball year after year, you might as well enjoy the experience. BasketCases is specifically written to educate parents and coaches (and officials and players for that matter) to help you Lower Your Blood Pressure and Keep Your Sanity.